*Rachel (inflictedangel) wrote in livexstrong,

Mod post

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and yourself and your families are hanging in there and getting ready for spring!

I want to direct everyone's attention to some of our new "regulations" if you will. All information regarding upcoming cancer events and fundraisers, sponsorship opportunities and advertisements will now only be acceptable in the pinned post at the top. If you have something to post please feel free to do so in that entry. Please do NOT post in seperate entries. The first time the post will be deleted and the second time you will be banned. (and I absolutely do not want to ban ANYONE).

Also, there is now a link to direct new members (or anyone else for that matter) looking for liveSTRONG bracelets to Lance Armstrong's website, since we all know when this community was started we were inundated with requests asking for how to obtain them.

This community has been rather slow lately, in huge part because of my lack of time and commitment, but I plan on doing my best to keeping this place afloat and hopefully we can all help others with the support they need =)
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