Morzsa (morzsa) wrote in livexstrong,

Spring is nigh, so here is a rant

And with spring cometh the season for fundraising walks, runs, cookie sales and what not. Which is quite all right. What bothers me is that virtually all the support communities are being flooded with people who ask the members to sponsor them. Because of this I have left all but one of the cancer support communities I have been part of (this one being the one I haven't left).

I would think that most people who are here are actually here because either they or a loved one is a survivour--living with or recovered from cancer. I believe these people are quite aware of the ways how they can donate for whatever event/organozation they'd like to sponsor. I am also fairly sure that most people are already contributing what they can. Others, at the moment, might not have anything to spare because of various reasons, one of them being that having cancer makes life a lot more expensive than it was before.

It might be only me, but I am awfully annoyed by people just joining the community to seek donations. There are other ways to do that, and if one must absolutely beg strangers for donations, they can always walk around their neighbourhoods and knock on doors. I think it is rather tasteless to do it in support communities that people join for the sole purpose of finding donors. Maybe they'd like to contact the maintainers and include a link in the community userinfo, but I just can't take every other entry on my friends page at this season being people asking for sponsorship.

Oh well. I am just weird.

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