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On St. Patrick's Day

Here people do not celebrate good old St. Pat, so I was taken by surprise when I woke up to a very green room. The early shift changed the curtains and even my pyjama bottoms (good thing about having SCI is that I don't wake up when that happens) to bright green. There was a green vase and green hand towels... I was like wow, it must be St. Patrick's day today!

The best part was this afternoon, though. My Doctrines and Believes (it is kind of like Sunday school and Bible Study, except we study other books and belief systems as well) came and brought balloons and green cookies to everyone on the floor. They are still around, helping out with dishes, bedding change and just hanging out with patients. Good language practice... both ways! The youth leader told me that the fund raiser we started last month is going very well. Both of the car washes and the free translation service are bringing in enough money to meet our goal of HUF 125,000 (About US$500) by the end of the month. The youth are trying to decide whether to donate the money straight to the Children's Oncology Clinic or to rather buy something from that money and donate that.

Another good thing today was that I heard back from the leaders of a camp for special needs kids. This will be my third time being staff, and I now have the dates and place. I just found out that after all this talk about being with a wheelchair group, I will actually be team leader in the group for youth (16-20) with cancer. As much as I would have loved working with the wheelchair users, I will love it. They are closer to me in age as well, and some of my D&B kids will be buddies at the camp. There is a buddy system and in the past it has worked great. I have a meeting on 24 April to start planning activities. There are quite a few ideas already floating around, but if you have any ideas about what to include in the activities, please comment!

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